Karida Sangha Library

Are We Stealing the Earth From God? (5 pages—also in audio) Dr. Robert Meyers —“The world, and all that is in it, belong to the Lord.” We need to be much more careful with it!       

Blue Butterfly (2 pages) Roger Irwin (Gyoshin)—Observation of the natural world provides ample evidence to support the teachings of the Sutras that we are all interconnected.

Chanoyu: The Tea Ceremony (8 pages) Roger Irwin (Gyoshin)—In Chanoyu, the relationship of host and guest, the handling of objects of great beauty, the experience of connecting with earth, air, fire, and water, all contribute to well-being.

Embracing the Planet By growing in awareness we gain a new vision of planet and self. (5 pages) Roger Irwin (Gyoshin)

Environmental challenges and opportunities facing contemporary Buddhism Paper for the 3rd World Buddhist Forum in Hong Kong presented by Martin Palmer: 2012.

Evocation of the Bodhisattva Kuan Shih Yin: Karida Buddhist Sangha Book of Recitations—The Book of Recitations, central to Karida Sangha's regular practice, is used both as a group meditation in Sangha meetings and for personal meditation.

Heart Sutra is considered by many to be the highest vision of Buddha's teachings. This sutra is often chanted in our meetings. By clicking the link you may simultaneously read and hear the entire Heart Sutra. Translation & audio by Roger Irwin (Gyoshin)

How to Welcome the End of theWorld (10 pages) Ten pointers on the Zen practice of welcoming by Roshi John Tarrant.

Laudato Si' Encylical letter of His Holiness Pope Francis on Care for Our Common Home (83 pages)

Lineages (1 page) Reverend Michael Elia—Most lineages claim to reach, unbroken, back to the Buddha Himself...However, nothing in the nature of Wisdom, as such, requires an historical lineage/heritage/parentage.

On Friendship (4 pages) Madalin Blue—"It is worthwhile, no matter how fleeting the moment, or small the gesture, in some way to be a friend to any creature that happens by the way."

Patchwork Robe (3 pages) Roger Irwin (Gyoshin)—When we engage in, even small, acts of loving-kindness toward Planet Earth,we are embracing the world as one being.

Paths of the Inner Way by Reverend Michael Elia on the spiritual practices of Zen Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Mystical Christianity, and Theravadin Buddhism.

The Practice of Sangha "Thich Nhat Han explains that Sangha is more than a community—it's a deep spiritual practice"—a community of practice is "a community of friends practicing dharma together... (with) awareness, understanding, acceptance, harmony and love."from Lion's Roar Foundation

Tea Ceremony (1 page) Experience "Harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility..." through the poetry of Chajin Pamela Ballingham. For more of her work see

Three Refuges (4 pages) Roger Irwin (Gyoshin) For over 2500 years Buddhists have found a place of safety in the Three Jewels: the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha.

Transformation of Suffering (8 pages) Jerry Harney (Gyohi) and Roger Irwin (Gyoshin) provide a comparison of Judeo-Christian and Buddhist thoughts on the nature of suffering, emphasizing The Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path.

Vision of our Earth A personal statement on the nature of reality and interdependence. (1 page) Roger Irwin (Gyoshin)

Women in Buddhism (1 page) Reverend Michael Elia—The historic Buddha clearly taught that women were equal to men.