Paths of the Inner Way

by Michael Elia

Zen Buddhism

Tibetan Buddhism

Mystical Christianity

Theravadin Buddhism

Tradition of Service

Choosing a Path

These six essays attempt to express (however incompletely) the Unbroken Thread of Human Spirituality. All dharmas (though many splendored in their unfolding appearance) are One. Everything/one expresses the One Dharma. No one truly does dharma, because the Dharma does All. Whoever says “this (and not that) is the One True Dharma” is self-deceived. As a Zen saying has it, “From of old there were not two paths. Those who have arrived all walked the same path.”

There is also a presentation on the Tradition of Service and Choosing a Path, two “aspects” which join all of the traditions at a very deep level: service to others in the world being necessary to the highest attainment of all of the paths; and every individual who has ever undertaken spiritual practice has had to choose to do so.

The differences should be understood as varieties of practice any and all of which are intended to accomplish fulfillment of the greatest human potential for each individual who seeks to manifest that potential in his or her life. There are, for example, many kinds of foods that are healthy and delicious, but no one is compelled to like everything, nor is it necessary. Variety is good.

These essays are short, (admittedly) idiosyncratic summaries of the various traditions, East and West, that are oriented to the development of the individual and community from within.  Each one has been selected  to help provide the genuine seeker information readily accessible for further inquiry and development of their own personal practice.

Recommended further reading: 
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                                The Religions of Man, by Huston Smith