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Cover of Journey of theHeart.

Journey of the Heart:
Meditations with Kuan Yin

Through guided imagery, this book takes you on a journey of active participation through sixteen meditations. Each meditation is accompanied by a unique image of the Bodhisattva Kuan Yin. This is not a book about meditation—the book is a meditation designed to take you through a full lunar month of practice.

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60 pages 5.5 x 8.5 x .33 inches, 17 Images of Kuan Yin—Text by Roger Irwin (Gyoshin), Images of Kuan Yin by Cynthia Elsner.

Cover of Heartlines.

Heartlines...Daily Wisdom for your spiritual journey

by Lucia Amsden, MSW

Heartlines are active daily messages that use vivid imagery to help you love more, heal old wounds, and care and nurture yourself. They are tools that bring inner direction and power to bear on your everyday choices. Above all, Heartlines guide you to open yourself to the personal power that is within to grow and change. Learn more

Price: $6.14 Spiral bound

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Breaking Eggs: book cover

Breaking Eggs: Finding New Meaning with Chronic Illness

by Lucia Amsden, MSW

Lucia Amsdem's new book is a spirit-filled and practical guide for anyone dealing with chronic illness. Breaking Eggs addresses a variety of psychological, mental, spiritual, and physical issues. Her lessons come easily, through the heart as much as the head.

Price: $2.99 Kindle e-book edition

Price: $12.95 Paperback edition

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Herron book cover

Poetry for the Ear of God: Healing Trauma Through the Music of Words.

by Elizabeth Herron

This book of poetry describes a lifelong journey of healing childhood trauma through developing a deep and abiding personal spirituality. Traumatic experiences are best understood as part of a spiritual process of transformation in which one goes through a series of stages. This book provides a metaphorical and poetic road map through the difficult experience of traumatic suffering and reframes it as a spiritually inspired and guided process. Liz Herron says: “I am a Wounded Healer and my goal is to share my experience, strength and hope with others who are making similar journeys.” She goes on to say: "One of the metaphors that appears in my poetry is a linking of our psychological process to the movement of the seasons in nature and the recognition of an obvious truth--Spring inevitably follows Winter."

Price: $12.95 paper back edition

9 x 6 x.02 inches, 86 pages

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