Dharma Soup,was the newsletter of Karida El Morro Buddhist Sangha, New Mexico, USA. published in 2008 and 2009. The Sangha has digitally preserved the issues intact since they are an important part of the record of the first two years of the local Sangha existence. The larger part of each short issue contains essays on various Dharma topics that may well interest present readers. Following are brief excerpts from each issue. To read the entire essay click on the date of issue.

November, 2010, “Some Brief Thoughts on Women and Buddhism.” A short essay by Reverend Elia.

September, 2010,“I long for this ‘something human’ that exists in myself and others.” Further thoughts from Haya Akegarasu.

August, 2010, “I respect people more than what they have of isms or work or religion.” Some thoughts from Haya Akegarasu

June, 2010, “Once we open up to real wisdom, then we see the living truth as it is.” Some thoughts from Haya Akegarasu.

April, 2010, An introduction to the “Evocation of the Bodhisattva Kuan Shih Yin: Karida Buddhist Sangha Book of Recitations.”

March, 2010 “An evening of Cha-No-Ya to celebrate the birthday of the Bodhisattva Kuan Shih Yin.”

January, 2010 “Although Buddhism has had a long and extensive history of vegetarianism many Buddhists are not vegetarian.”

November, 2009 “An approach to understanding the magical moments that Zen master Shunryu Suzuki described  as ‘Beginner’s mind'.”

October, 2009 “The Japanese Tea Ceremony, Chanoyu, in the final analysis, is not really symbolic.  It is deeper than that.”

September, 2009  “A public recitation of the 'Three Treasures' is the usual way of announcing to the world that one has chosen to become a Buddhist.”

August, 2009 “A religion limited to philosophers, ministers, scholars, monks, and nuns is not a useful religion.”

July, 2009 “The deepening love of the earth naturally flows out of this particular spiritual energy that celebrates diversity.”

June, 2009 “We are not ‘stewards’ of the environment, but rather, ‘members’ of the community of the Earth.”

May, 2009 “These opening lines of the Sutra teach us that relief from suffering comes not from understanding, but from perception.”

April, 2009 “Contemplating this natural world of mountains, trees, and flowers, I begin to expand my narrow sense of self and a deep mystery begins to unfold.”

March, 2009 “It would seem difficult to find evidence, in nature, of the peculiarly human conceit that we are all independent of each other.”

February, 2009 “In our modern age it is important to try to plumb the depths of meaning in the practice of mantra beyond the sense of simple word magic.” 

January, 2009 “It is useful to look at the essence of the Kuan Yin.  Her very nature is to hear and respond to the cries of suffering in the world. She is created not only by these cries but also by our own ideals and better nature.”

December, 2008 “Being made whole is one definition of health.  This is the path of awareness.  This is  reaching for totality.”

November, 2008 “Today our definition of Sangha continues to evolve and expand in an ever-expanding circle of community that does not stop at the threshold of our species and next of kin.”