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Karida Sangha Healing Heart Logo
Mandala for Healers of the Earth


The Karida Sangha Healing Heart logo looks somewhat like the traditional Chinese Yin-Yang symbol, which expresses a balance between opposing forces. However, upon close inspection, a subtle asymmetry and dynamism is revealed that results from the introduction of the heart. 

This Heart represents both the human heart and the Heart of the Earth in a great work of reconciliation, moving toward ultimate wholeness and planetary healing. The Karida Sangha logo speaks directly to the unconscious human psyche of restoration, reconciliation, and promise. It is our gift to you, and all people, for the promotion of loving-kindness and healing for the whole Earth.


Planet Earth

An Earth-Action Opportunity

Check out "Butterfly Buddhism" Calling attention to the global danger faced by pollinators, we have a Monarch Butterfly Project for Karida members and friends.