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Lucia Amsden, MSW,worked for many years as a counselor and educator in the Kansas City area and currently resides in New Mexico. The things she learned from her own life journey, especially through her experiences with chronic illness, deepened her spirituality and her ability to help others in their search for healing. She has a strong belief that what we make of our lives depends on our perceptions, and the extent to which we honor ourselves and the gifts our lives contain.

Amsden has opened her heart to write a thought for each day of the year. Her honest and direct style is powerful, yet comforting, as each page offers a new way to enhance your life. The author writes in the introduction:

“ ‘Heartlines’ are more than affirmations. They are active messages that use vivid imagery to help you love more, heal old wounds, and care and nurture yourself. These are tools that bring inner direction and power to bear on your everyday choices. Above all they guide you to open yourself to the personal power that is within to grow and change.”

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Book Details:

Spiral binding
Softcover: 367 pages
Publisher:Leathers Publishing (2007)
Language: English
ISBN 978-1-58597-433-7
Dimensions: 5.25 x 5 x 1 inches



What others have said:

“As part of my spiritual practice every morning for years I have turned the page of a new day of Heartlines.It always connects and guides me, not only to my own path of growth and awareness, but to the many friends and family members who I know are reading it too ~ I share the sense of collective wisdom, joy and healing.” -Jill (Washington State)

“Each daily message that Heartlines offers is a new lens for understanding and deepening my journey. I am often surprised by how perfect the Heartlines message is on any given day.”  -Fran (New Mexico)