Sharon Williams 1944 - 2006

Photo of Otis Bronson

The memorial for Sharon coincided with Wesak, May 13, 2006, the celebration of the birth, life, and death of the historic Buddha. "Friends of Karida" took special note of the auspiciousness of this day. On this day Buddhists seek to express kindness and generosity to all living beings. It is a day to bring happiness to the unfortunate, the handicapped, and the sick. It is a day of light and compassion enveloping the whole planet.

Prayer for all Beings

May Sharon's life encourage us
to always speak the Truth.

May Sharon's life give us
strength and courage.

May the Earth bear witness
to Sharon's life.

May Sharon's life encourage us
to benefit all beings.

May we always hold the memory
of Sharon's life in our hearts.


In this prayer we bring these five things; truth, courage, connectedness to the Earth, Benefit to all Beings, and holding in our Hearts, to this memorial for Sharon.

Sharon was an active "Friend of Karida" and engaged regularly in Karida's Bodhisattva Kuan Yin meditations. In honor of Sharon, who was an ardent supporter of improving the lives of animals throughout the world her friends have contributed to the following projects.

Photo of bird

Jocoto Reserve in Ecuador to increase bird habitat. Contribution made through South American Rainforest Conservation Fund.



Photo of bird

Patagonia Coastal Preserve in South America. Project to increase habitat for many threatened species.


LIGHT a 24-hour meditation candle in memory of Sharon.