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Some benefits you receive:

  • Connection to others interested in Buddhism
  • Assistance in gaining a basic knowledge of Buddhism
  • Community support on your personal spiritual journey
  • Mentored study opportunities
  • Opportunity to share your creativity with others
  • A unique way to memorialize loved ones
  • Access to many resources
  • Specific opportunities for several different types of meditation
  • Some benefits we receive:

  • Your interest encourages and strengthens the Sangha
  • New ideas and creativity from new friends

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    By becoming a member of Karida, you are not necessarily proclaiming that you are a Buddhist. As an inclusive organization, we are serious about diversity. Members of Karida incur no obligation beyond sharing kind thoughts and interests. This also enhances our Sangha community's experience of the interconnectedness of all things.

    We are unpaid volunteers sustained and motivated by the Bodhisattva Vow and do not proselytize, have fund raisers, or ever request contributions of any sort. In our twenty-four year history we have never asked anyone for money. We will never share your contact information with anyone outside our organization nor will we fill your mail box. Expect a note from us, at most, once or twice a month.

    If you wish to terminate membership simply email your request and we will remove your name from our list.

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